Your Pathway To Digital Consultancy Starts Here

A digital consultant can make a healthy living by offering their advice to companies. They are ahead of the game and know the digital space like the back of their own hands. And that knowledge is lusted after by many different businesses who are willing to pay superb money for it.

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Jens Issel

But how do you get started as a digital consultant? It’s hardly something that kids dream of becoming when they are young, and it is still a young industry in relative terms. We thought we would take a look at the typical pathway somebody might take, so have a read and see if it rings any bells.

Early Doors

First of all, an interest in all things digital and business is an absolute must. This might come from work experience as a kid, or maybe a school lesson you were attracted to. You will more than likely have a wider interest in consumer technology, too.

Starting Out

Moving into the working stages of your life, you will work in the digital industry at some point. But to make a long-lasting career of being a consultant, you will have moved into a large, successful company and made a name for yourself.

Imagine you are a young SEO account manager for a small firm. You could trundle along or try and take your skills to the next level. To do so, you should be looking at major SEO companies like Results First, who have major clients that operate on a global scale. If you are ever going to be taken seriously as a consultant, you will need to have those sorts of relationships in place.

Breaking Free

However, at some point in time, you will feel restricted by your work. You have a wider view of the tech industry and want to see more of it. You might quit your job, but even if you don’t you will be sure to explore other avenues, including trying your own startup. You will gain greater knowledge of how things work and meet many like-minded others.

At some point, you will realize that your knowledge far outweighs what you are employed to do, and will seek an exit. And at that point, it’s probable you will find that many of the people you have met will see you as a mentor of sorts. And that could lead to payments.

Sealing The Deal

But a good start doesn’t make a business. You need to stay on top of things and use your contact to keep up to speed in many different areas. You will need to build up the experience of selling yourself to major firms, who will now use you on an as and when basis. Work will be well-paid, but irregular. Eventually, you could be in demand all of the time, but it won’t happen fast.

And, finally, when you have developed as much experience as you can in a multitude of areas, you will be looked upon as a respected digital consultant. And, more than likely, a management consultant, too. People in the industry – and beyond – will know who you are, and your phone will continuously ring until you decide to call it a day.