Why consider management consulting as a career?

Top reasons to get into the profession

  1. Get great exposure: You will discover many industries, corporate environments, situations: If you start out as a generalist, your client could be anyone. They could be in variety of situations: growth, merger, cost cutting.
  2. Gain rapid business experience: Usual saying is one year in consulting is worth two years of corporate experience. The pace is hectic and the learning curve is steep
  3. Travel the world on someone else’s dime: Consulting can take you to many places. International destinations are common. Many firms have footprint all over the world and opportunities to do projects or short-term relocations happen often
  4. Figure out what you like professionally: Not sure what company/industry is best fit for you? Consulting helps the client environment and cultures vary a lot. It is great way to learn the corporate America
  5. Get paid: Consulting on average pays better than corporate jobs at the same level. Still, it won’t pay as well as top finance jobs, so if you are in it just for the money, there are better alternatives