Ultimate guide to Top Consulting Firms

When you start your journey to get into the consulting profession, it helps to learn about different top consulting firms and how they are percieved from a reputation, competency and culture perspective. There are several sources that rank consulting firms based on different criteria. Below are the most popular of these rankings.

top consulting firms

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Vault Consulting Rankings

Vault publishes an annual ranking of all the top consulting firms. Here is the link. This is a widely respected ranking and consulting firms work hard to rank high in this list. The rankings take many factors into account including the firm’s prestige, employee satisfaction, firm culture, compensation, work-life balance, overall business outlook and career advancement.

Vault also has rankings for each of the subcategories of consulting such as strategy consulting, financial, energy, retail and management consulting, so if you are interested in a particular type of consulting you can learn about the top consulting firms in that subcategory.

Vault rankings are global and they have rankings by region such as rankings for Europe and Asia. They even have rankings for top boutique consulting firms so they cover a lot of the consulting industry.

Ivy Exec Top Consulting Firms Rankings

Ivy Exec conducts a large survey of more than 3,000 participants who are current consultants and covers many topics such as work, culture, money, leadership and prestige and combine the results in their algorithm to get to a composite score. The results are show in this report. The rankings between Ivy Exec and Vault are somewhat similar buy Ivy Exec offers another perspective and further validation.

Consulting Magazine’s Best Firms to Work For Rankings

Consulting magazine publishes an annual ranking of best firms to work for rankings. The study can be found here. Consulting magazine is the leading trade publication on consulting careers and firms and they do a comprehensive survey and firms encourage their consultants to participate. Please note that, you need to register with them to access the content.

Kennedy Consulting Industry Research Reports

Kennedy Consulting Research and Advisory is a trusted industry research group that publishes extensively on consulting industry. They have detailed reports on firm ratings for customers based on customer satisfaction and quality of work and they make projections on growth and other key industry metrics for the consulting industry. Most of their reports are for sale only, but you can have some of your friends in current consulting firms give you some insights from their reports or subscribe to their newsletter for updates on the consulting industry.

Glassdoor Consulting Firm Ratings

Glassdoor is a general career site where employees can submit company reviews, ratings and salary information. They have a large set of reviews and ratings for top management consulting firms and you can see the differences across firms in ratings. There are also many reviews written by current and former employees, which provides great insight into the firm culture and what to expect upon joing these firms.