The Aspiring Advisor: A great new book for new consultants

Aspiring Advisor BookHi everyone, today we are doing a review for “The Aspiring Advisor” by Moritz Dressel. It is a brand new book focused on the initial years of a consultant’s career.  There are many books on how to get into consulting and acing the consulting interviews as well as on leadership and managing teams in your later years in consulting. This book fills an important gap in between these books with a emphasis on how to get started and become a successful consultant in your first years and written as a highly practical guide.

I had a opportunity to review the book in advance and several aspects of the book struck me:

  • Practical advice: Moritz has clearly been there and done that and a lot of his advice is highly practical: What kind of luggage should I buy? How should I start building my business wardrobe? Instead of getting high-level guidance, you will get tried and true practical tips.
  • Holistic view on how to start out: The Aspiring Advisor cover all aspects of your early years in consulting from starting out to getting ahead and even advice on when to leave. It includes great sections communications (e.g. email etiquette), meetings, work-life balance, managing expectations of your superiors and clients. The resources section at the end of the book also has great books and resource links that you can use for further advice
  • Opinionated and to the point: Many of us consultants are impatient and want clear, concise writing without fluff. That is what Moritz’s advice is. He has strong opinions about what to do and how to do it and delivers it in a concise manner. The Aspiring Advisor is a quick and enjoyable read.

I wish I had this book, when I first started consulting and I highly recommend it for any consultant starting out and many sections of the book such as time management apply to new grads starting professional careers, not just consultants. It is a great complement to some of the formal training you will receive in a consulting firm (e.g. excel or powerpoint skills) and will go a long way to help you succeed in the uber-competitive world of management and strategy consulting.

The book just came out and is now available in paperback version from Amazon here. The eBook is available for free through the MatchBook program (i.e. buy print, get ebook for free). You can visit The Aspiring Advisor book website here.

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