Sample management and strategy consulting resume

In response to popular demand from our readers, here is a sample resume for applying for an post-MBA level management and strategy consulting job. You can see that, this resume follows many of the guidelines in our earlier post on writing killer consulting resumes. This resume is intended to be used for a second year … Read more

How to get a job in management and strategy consulting – Part 1: Undergrads

This will be the first of a series of posts on how to get a job in management consulting. You can find the remainder of this series of posts in the Getting In category. We encourage the readers to submit their question about recruiting in the forum, we review and answer the posts periodically. There … Read more

Myths about management consulting

In this post, we dispel or confirm some myths about the profession, here we go: Management consultants are useless:they tell us things that we already know in a fancy presentation Debatable, it is true that the client usually knows their business better than a consultant. Consultant brings expertise on a particular area, e.g. M&A, Marketing. … Read more

I-Banking or Management Consulting?

So, you’re coming out of [name your favorite top MBA program here] with tons of student loans and want to get a high paying job. Most of friends are either going to banking or consulting, and you’re not sure what to do. If you cannot decide between I-Banking vs. Consulting, it means you don’t know … Read more

How much do management consultants make?

This is a burning question for many who would like to enter the profession and those who have an offer and would like to compare it to other firms. The good news about comparing one offer to another firm’s is that the labor market for consulting is efficient. So, in general, your offers reflect what … Read more

Networking to get a management consulting job

Networking is a great tool to get a management consulting job. Make sure you use it in your job search. Here is the best way to do it. Why networking? Networking is important in job hunt in several ways. Getting to know the industry and the firms Evaluating which firms would be a better fit … Read more