Essential Skills Required To Become A Digital Consultant

Becoming a digital consultant to business owners could be the perfect idea if you have the right skills and experience. People who work in that role tend to earn a lot of money these days because more and more companies are selling online. That means there are lots of opportunities to build a good reputation … Read more

22 best free resources for management and strategy consulting jobs

Hi everyone, based on your requests, we decided to compile a comprehensive list of all the different free management and strategy consulting jobs resources. This will serve as a guide for our community and will direct you to the best resources on finding the job, getting your resume and ready, applying for jobs and acing … Read more

Generalists in Dubai, specialists in NYC – Is it still possible to be a generalist management consultant?

Given the ever increasing sophistication of business world and client needs, is there still any room for a generalist track in management and strategy consulting? One of the top reasons to choose a management consulting career is the generalist experience. Many people coming out of an MBA or undergraduate program want to get a broad … Read more

What does it take to be management and strategy consultant?

Ask 10 management consultants what they do and you are likely to get 10 different answers. This is partly due to the large variety of experiences one can encounter in the job. It is also due to the abuse of the term management and strategy consulting. Although many firms claim to be exclusive management and … Read more

Levels and roles in management consulting firms

Soon after you start your research on management and strategy consulting firms, you will notice that there is no common set of title across firms. Sometimes this makes it hard to understand where you would fit in and who you are talking to, especially if you are interviewing. Although the titles vary, the tasks are … Read more

Welcome to Management and Strategy Consulting blog

Greetings and welcome to the Management and Strategy Consulting blog! This goal of this blog depends on where you fall in the following categories: potential clients and general public – demystify the profession of management consulting, our work, and impact on clients and society wannabees – discuss how to break into the industry, recruitment process … Read more