So You Want To Be A Consultant? Here Are Some Ideas To Get You Started

Many people are fed up working for their boss. The corporate life just doesn’t suit everybody. Poor managers and greedy fat cat board members can make life a living hell for the ordinary worker. No wonder so many people want to try to earn a living on a self-employed basis.

You may have years of experience in your chosen field of expertise. Or it might be that you’re interested in becoming an expert in a particular specialism. Life as a consultant could be just what you are looking for. There are lots of areas where consultants are called in rather than recruiting in-house. Here are just a few of them to pique your interest:


While some companies will recruit a security manager in-house, many choose to use specialist firms on a contract basis. As a security consultant, you would be expected to deliver a detailed risk assessment and analysis on behalf of your client. As a minimum, you would probably have an SB 1626 qualification yourself. You should be able to recruit other holders of this key certificate to undertake security duties.


If you are good with food, and you’ve had your fair share of experience with diets, a career as a nutrition consultant could be for you. There are several degrees that will help bolster your resume. Some companies offer cafeteria services for children or the elderly. They might use nutrition experts to consult on their menus. A background in catering or food sciences is a good springboard for this role.

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TV and Film

If you have a specialist or expert knowledge in an area of interest to the media, you can enjoy life as a consultant for film and TV. Journalists are often keen to quote those with high qualifications in specialist areas such as the sciences. This is often unpaid, but will help keep your name in the public domain. Do you have knowledge of particular historic periods? You may be paid as a consultant to advise on the authenticity of sets and costumes for period dramas.

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Technology advances so rapidly. It can be difficult for companies to keep their staff adequately up to date with training. Instead, they will opt to consult with specialists who are up to date. This could be about security risks and computer related systems. Are you are a computer whizz? You could be called upon to help set up systems. You might help to keep the company ahead of their competitors technologically.

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Many companies struggle to keep good teams of marketers on their payroll. Instead, they will call in the expertise of those who know how to set up campaigns relevant to the business needs. Marketing consultants may offer advice or services for online marketing campaigns. Perhaps you know about building websites or PR. There are many areas of marketing to consider as a specialist. A proven track record with identifiable results is usually the bare minimum requirement to make it as a marketing consultant.

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There are many areas where consultants may be required. Engineering and the sciences offer many opportunities. If you’re not fully qualified, then it may be advisable to gain some further training. You will be expected to be an expert in your field of choice. Enjoy your new career.