Quirky Ways To Market Your Small Business

Small businesses often struggle early on because they aren’t being marketed properly. You may think you’re using all the marketing techniques available – but you might not be. Here are three quirky ways to market a small business effectively:


Sponsoring things is a cheeky little marketing tactic that can work wonders. There are lots of things you can sponsor, from local events to sports teams. Sponsoring a local event can be a fantastic idea, especially if it’s popular. It’s an opportunity to have your business seen by the whole town! Your logo will be plastered around the event, and you will even get mentioned by the event organizers. What makes sponsorships so great is that it makes you look like a good, respectable company. By sponsoring things locally, you’re giving back to the community. People will like that.

Small business marketing

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Now, you may be thinking “Calendars?! How are calendars going to help market my business?!” Well, calendars are a great way to promote your business all year round to the people who matter. Custom calendar printing is a great way to ensure that a small part of your business is in peoples homes 365 days a year. A lot of businesses get calendars printed and hand them out to clients, local businesses and anyone they see. On the face of things, it looks like a nice little free gift for them. People will be happy to accept anything free! But now, you’ve got loads of people with a calendar that has your business logo and contact details on. It’s a very shrewd way of getting your business out there while also developing a good reputation. People are going to want to do business with a company that gives out free stuff!


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A great way to market a small business locally is through a billboard campaign. This is where you have a big poster created to be put on billboards around the city. Although the world has started to move to a more digital way of life, billboards are still important. People are still driving on the roads and walking around. Therefore, billboards are still relevant. You’ll find they’re often situated in places where cars will be stopped, by a set of traffic lights for example. It’s a fantastic chance for you to promote your business to many commuters every day. The key is to create a good billboard, something that stands out and makes people look at it. You want something that makes people talk about it later with their friends. So, get your creative hat on and design the perfect billboard advert.


The good thing about these three techniques is that they target the local market. Most small businesses fail because they think too big from the get go. If you’re a local business, you need to market yourself to the local population. You can’t think of national and global domination until you’ve had success locally. If you can capture the local market, then you’re well on your way to finding success. By using these techniques, you can guarantee that your business will be promoted locally. Sometimes you have to think small in order to grow big.