Consultancy 101: Five Things You Should Know

So, you want to be a consultant? Well, you are not alone. Every year, thousands and thousands of people try to break into this career. It won’t surprise you to learn that many people fail. Not everyone has what it takes to make it in the world of consultancy. If you make one wrong move, … Read more

Four Things You Need to Impress Potential Clients

First impressions count for everything, especially in the consulting business. You need to prove to potential clients that you’re a professional. Otherwise, how do you expect them to trust you? As a consultant, you’re selling yourself. There’s no product or service as such. You are offering clients your wisdom and knowledge. This is what makes … Read more

History of management consulting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hi everyone, we talk about management consulting but how did it start and get to where it is today? Below is a nice summary infographic, a picture is worth a thousand words, please share this with your friends! History of management consulting 1. The first strategy consulting firm was created in 1886 by Arthur D. … Read more

Four useful tools for improving your consulting productivity

Staying ahead in consulting is tough. To stay ahead, your need to constantly improve your consulting productivity. You are competing against many other smart consultants who all want to the top advisor to their clients. We compiled a set of tools that we use to be more efficient with your time and also successful with our … Read more

The Aspiring Advisor: A great new book for new consultants

Hi everyone, today we are doing a review for “The Aspiring Advisor” by Moritz Dressel. It is a brand new book focused on the initial years of a consultant’s career.  There are many books on how to get into consulting and acing the consulting interviews as well as on leadership and managing teams in your later years in consulting. … Read more

Case interviews preparation tips by top consulting firms

If you are looking for tips on how to succeed in the consulting case interviews, you should check our what the top consulting firms are saying about them. Each firm highlights different aspects of their interview process in the below. Make sure you check these out, especially if you have an upcoming interview with some … Read more

Interview process and questions at Bain and Company by Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney gives a good overview of interview process and questions at Bain and Company. Great tips here to excel in your upcoming management and strategy consulting interviews! He had a great career and was a successful consultant at Bain and Company and subsequently at Bain Capital, so lots to learn from him. Let us … Read more

The Consulting Performance Management Process Survival Guide

Consulting firms are among the most companies with the most rigorous performance management process. Their evaluations have many features that make them distinct among the other industries. The top consulting firms are renowned for talent development as well as a fair and also highly competitive work environment. There are project vs. annual reviews and many other … Read more

Ultimate guide to Top Consulting Firms

When you start your journey to get into the consulting profession, it helps to learn about different top consulting firms and how they are percieved from a reputation, competency and culture perspective. There are several sources that rank consulting firms based on different criteria. Below are the most popular of these rankings. Photo credit Vault … Read more

Is The Cloud The Best Place For Your Accounts?

Accurate accounting isn’t just a legal requirement, it is essential for the successful management of your businesses finances. That being said, traditional accounting can be a huge drain on your time and energy – especially if you operate a small business. This kind of thing does nothing to add value to your business, but it … Read more