Is A Microsite Your Best SEO Weapon?

Is the microsite the biggest SEO strategy that you are ignoring? Building a web presence is one of the biggest challenges that a business today can face. But once you have an understanding of who your target audience is you can start building your strategy.

If you have a company that has more than one product or service, then your strategy can become a very interesting one indeed. That is, if you have the time and conviction to see it through – otherwise you may need outside help.

Let your best side shine through

If you have never heard of a microsite, it can be an SEO powerhouse for your product. There are business all over the world, that use these sites in order to keep their products and services organised. It also helps to promote one service as a separate entity.

Other sites make use of subdomains, and for them that can help them stay organised better than a separate site can. Whichever method a business uses, there are plus and minus points to them to think about.

For many people, the best way to go is the microsite. This is true if you are promoting very specific products and you want them kept separate from one another. Why? well, it helps to avoid confusion. Movie production companies and book publishers will very often use microsites. This helps them promote specific movies or books, without other ‘products’ distracting the user.

Microsites and SEO

A microsite is pretty much what the name suggests – a micro website. Usually a small collection of pages, although sometimes they be single pages.

The reason that these sites are not always a consideration for a lot of businesses is because there is sometimes confusion about their usefulness. One important thing to keep in mind, is that you have to think carefully about domain names. It is entirely possible that the name you choose is not ‘new’, and is in fact recycled.

A domain name that has been previously penalised by Google may still be considered ‘dirty’. It is not yet possible to determine which ones have been penalised, but it’s better to claim a brand new one just in case.

Best practice is to Google the name you want, and see if anything pops up. Even defunct sites can still show up in results.

Microsites can be very good for you

Let’s say that your name is ‘clean’, and you are perfectly happy with it. Is a microsite beneficial for you?

Microsites can be very secure, for one thing. Assigning a specific team to manage its content and promotion, without granting access to your main website has obvious security benefits. Also, a microsite will not share a directory with your main site.

There is also the added benefit of having something that you can just tear down once its usefulness has passed. If you are promoting a one event or product, a microsite could be perfect for you.

When promoting individual products, or even ranges this way, the whole campaign just looks much more professional and well executed.

There will always be critics of the microsite, we believe that the advantages are well worth the extra effort.

microsites for SEO

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2 thoughts on “Is A Microsite Your Best SEO Weapon?

  1. Ultimately, the answer to whether use a microsite or not is determined by the need and use of the microsite. If a microsite is being created for promotional use, then a microsite would be a great tool to drive in traffic and conversion. If the intentions of just increasing the website traffic, conversion, and authority of the main website is the purpose of a microsite creation, then it wouldn’t be a good idea.

    Remember that maintaining a website alone (this includes constant updates) is already a tedious task and requires a lot of time and resources how much more will maintaining two websites be? Of course, acquiring good authority and trust rating is already a challenge with one website, how much more could it be more challenging if you’re maintaining two websites? Can you really commit time, effort and money to these websites?

    Examine your goal first before you come up with a decision. It would save you great deal of time, effort, money, and SEO ranking if you will be careful in doing such a move.

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