How To Create A Powerful And Positive First Impression On Your Clients

Consulting isn’t an easy line of business and work can be lost an instant. Every moment is important, but none more so than the first meeting. Making a positive first impression is essential for any consultant looking to get on in their career.

It’s not difficult to generate a lasting impression. These tips should ensure that you create the desired vibe.


Confidence is a requisite skill for any consultant. Quite frankly, how can a client believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself?

Knowledge is power. Keeping abreast with the top industry firms will prove extremely beneficial. With this information stored away, you can talk with far more power and conviction. Besides, the tips you learn may spark a Eureka moment of your own.

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People can tell when you’re winging it. Knowing what you’re talking about will go a long way to winning new business.

Good Organisation

This tip isn’t limited to consultancy, but it’s an industry where it rings truer than ever. If your life doesn’t appear organised, then it will be difficult for clients to trust you with important decisions in theirs.

Good organisation should extend beyond a tidy workspace, though. Looking presentable is an essential part of eliciting the right vibe. Likewise, you should always carry the necessary items such as a pen and business cards.

As well as setting a good impression, good organisation will help the way you conduct yourself in and out of business. If you aren’t naturally organised, now is the time to make improvements. Don’t be late either!

A Strong Online Presence

The internet makes it possible to drag up information about any subject in a matter of seconds. Don’t be fooled into thinking clients won’t check you out before meeting you.

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For better or worse, the client may have formed a pretty solid decision about you before you’ve even said hello. Keeping up online appearances is vital, but staying attuned to the constantly changing internet arena can be hard. Hiring an experienced social media agency to promote a strong online presence could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

As well as making a good impression on clients, it may help you to reach a new audience too. You can’t say fairer than that.

Display Understanding

A key aspect of consulting is that you take each case on its individual merits. Understanding the unique needs of your client is a must. Ultimately, if your advice is generic, it won’t resonate.

Being receptive to everything you hear is crucial. Every detail is important and no stone should be left unturned throughout the consulting process. You need to strike that bond from the outset. Otherwise, you won’t win the custom. Positive body language will make a huge difference.

You want to show that you care about the client’s needs. There is no need to talk money just yet unless they mention it. The key is to form the relationship that lets them know you’re the right person for the job at hand.