How to Become a Hospitality Consultant

The hospitality industry provides many opportunities to work in a consultancy position. You could find work in a hotel, restaurant, events company, or even on a cruise ship. There are a number of roles someone wanting to be a consultant could take on. They could be a hotel concierge or an event planner, or give advice to restaurants. If you’re interested in working in consulting in the hospitality industry, you would need to choose an area of interest. There is a broad range of fields involved, so narrowing it down is important. Follow these steps to begin a career as a hospitality consultant.


Get Educated

Although a degree isn’t essential, it will help to give you a headstart. Many people who wish to go into hospitality consultancy begin with doing a degree in hospitality management. This will give you a great foundation in the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the industry. It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn about different fields and decide which ones most appeal to you. However, going to college isn’t essential. You can also begin working in the hospitality industry when you finish high school or later in life. It’s another way you can start learning about the industry and work your way up through the ranks.

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Get Experience in the Industry

As well as an education, you’re also going to need some experience in hospitality. You probably won’t be able to walk into a consulting role straight away. Even experience in some of the basic roles will help you learn how everything operates. Employers will be happy to see that you have made an effort to submerge yourself in the environment to learn. You can find a full-time or part-time job, perhaps working when you’re not studying. Looking for an internship is also a good idea. It can give you the opportunity to explore a company and learn how they operate.


Look for Consultancy Work

When you have some experience and an education, you can begin looking for work. By now you should have chosen a field or a few fields you’re interested in. Your job as a hospitality consultant could vary between positions. One job description might include helping to find the best hotel quality towels and other products. Others could involve running workshops for restaurateurs to help them develop their business. It’s easy to search for hospitality consulting jobs online, but applying to them can be a lot of work. Make sure you aim for the roles you’re qualified for.


Set Up on Your Own

Another option is to work independently, which you can do through a private consulting firm. It may not be something you can or would like to do right away. But after you have some experience and feel more confident, you might want to think about it. You could set up a business that gives you more success than working for others.


Hospitality consultancy can be an exciting industry to work in. Start exploring your options today if it’s something that interests you.