Consulting title wars

Consulting firms have well defined titles but it is hard to compare them across firms. If you checked out my posts on levels and responsibilities in management consulting firms and consulting salaries, you may be wondering how titles in my posts correspond to titles in different firms.

Below is an attempt to map lingo to other firms’ ranks. This should help you determine where you’d fit in. Feel free to send me your firms hierarchy to add to this list. Enjoy! Lingo Analyst Sr. Analyst Associate Engagement Manager Principal Partner
McKinsey Business Analyst Sr. Business Analyst Associate Engagement Manager Associate Principal Partner
Bain Associate Consultant Sr. Associate Consultant Consultant Case Team Leader Manager Partner
BCG Associate Sr. Associate Consultant Project Leader Principal Partner
Booz & Co. Consultant Sr. Consultant Associate Sr. Associate Principal Partner
Oliver Wyman Analyst Consultant Associate Sr. Associate Principal Director
Deloitte Analyst Consultant Sr. Consultant Manager Senior Manager Partner