Case interviews preparation tips by top consulting firms

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Interview process and questions at Bain and Company by Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney gives a good overview of interview process and questions at Bain and Company. Great tips here to excel in your upcoming management and strategy consulting interviews! He had a great career and was a successful consultant at Bain and Company and subsequently at Bain Capital, so lots to learn from him. Let us … Read more

Applying For A Career In Consultancy? Read This

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Why do consulting companies perform case interviews?

The interview process for consulting companies is unique. They cover a variety of types of interviews: Fit questions, brainteasers and of course, business cases. The interviews process and the structure they follow have a predictable pattern across consulting companies. One of critical elements of the interviews is the business case. The goal of the business case is to test your problem-solving and communication skills … Read more

The ultimate guide to the case study frameworks for consulting case interviews

Learning different business frameworks can be daunting when you are preparing for management consulting interviews: 3C’s, 4P’s, SWOT, 2×2, Five forces, STP. Which framework should you learn and when should you use them? Here is our ultimate guide to the business case frameworks for consulting case interviews. In addition to the great guide below, be … Read more