Networking to get a management consulting job

Networking is a great tool to get a management consulting job. Make sure you use it in your job search. Here is the best way to do it. Why networking? Networking is important in job hunt in several ways. Getting to know the industry and the firms Evaluating which firms would be a better fit … Read more

Why consider management consulting as a career?

Top reasons to get into the profession Get great exposure: You will discover many industries, corporate environments, situations: If you start out as a generalist, your client could be anyone. They could be in variety of situations: growth, merger, cost cutting. Gain rapid business experience: Usual saying is one year in consulting is worth two … Read more

What does it take to be management and strategy consultant?

Ask 10 management consultants what they do and you are likely to get 10 different answers. This is partly due to the large variety of experiences one can encounter in the job. It is also due to the abuse of the term management and strategy consulting. Although many firms claim to be exclusive management and … Read more

Levels and roles in management consulting firms

Soon after you start your research on management and strategy consulting firms, you will notice that there is no common set of title across firms. Sometimes this makes it hard to understand where you would fit in and who you are talking to, especially if you are interviewing. Although the titles vary, the tasks are … Read more

Directory of Management Consulting Firms

Below is a listing of well known management consulting firms. Feel free to click on the firms name to go to their websites and read more about them. – McKinsey & Company – The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. – Bain & Company – Booz & Company – Monitor Group – Mercer LLC – Deloitte – … Read more

Welcome to Management and Strategy Consulting blog

Greetings and welcome to the Management and Strategy Consulting blog! This goal of this blog depends on where you fall in the following categories: potential clients and general public – demystify the profession of management consulting, our work, and impact on clients and society wannabees – discuss how to break into the industry, recruitment process … Read more