Greetings and welcome to the Management and Strategy Consulting blog!

This goal of this blog depends on where you fall in the following categories:

potential clients and general public – demystify the profession of management consulting, our work, and impact on clients and society

wannabees – discuss how to break into the industry, recruitment process

newcomers to the profession – share thoughts on being successful in the job and highlight pitfalls

practicing management consultants and clients – create an environment to share ideas

ex-management consultants – reflect on their experiences

The posts are likely to vary on many aspects of the profession. Over time, our hope that this blog would be valuable repository of knowledge for all the stakeholders described above.


This site has gathered the experiences of practicing management and strategy consultants with experience includes market entry/segmentation, M&A, due diligence, global operations design, and streamlining costs for Fortune 500 clients. Our contributors have worked on many sectors including consumer products, fashion retail, consumer durables, industrials and building products and have extensive global experience in the US, EU and Middle East countries.

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