22 best free resources for management and strategy consulting jobs

Hi everyone, based on your requests, we decided to compile a comprehensive list of all the different free management and strategy consulting jobs resources. This will serve as a guide for our community and will direct you to the best resources on finding the job, getting your resume and ready, applying for jobs and acing the interviews and survival on the job, once you accept and offer and begin your career. Please, please let us know if you find other resources and we can add them to this list for the benefit of everyone visiting ConsultingJunkie.com

arrowsConsulting Company Rankings

  1.  Vault Best Consulting Firms Rankings Vault creates an annual list of top consulting firms, which is watched carefully by consulting firms. They also create top lists for different categories like prestige, boutique firms, by practice such as technology, operations, government, etc.
  2. Consulting Magazines Best Firms to Work for Rankings Consulting magazine is a well-known trade publication covering management and strategy consulting industry. Every year they have one issue dedicated to best firms to work for. They aggregate polls from consultants and have insights into lifestyle, compensation, career opportunities and diversity
  3. Ivy Exec’s Top Consulting Firms Rankings Ivy Exec did a survey of its 3,000 community members to create a ranking of the consulting firms. Worth having a look
  4. Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For List This is a more general list than just consulting companies but gives you a sense for the hottest employers and some consulting firms show up on the list, where you can see how they compare against corporate jobs. Many MBA’s and top undergrads compare options beyond consulting, so it is good have a general best companies list

    resumeResume Writing

  5. Resume tips from McKinsey McKinsey has some good pointers on their key areas of focus when they are evaluating resumes and how to organize your achievements in different sections
  6. Example consulting resume templates There are good examples of templates you can model your consulting your resume after in this Pinterest list
  7. Sample management consulting resume This one is from Consulting Junkie. You can see the formatting, the structure and the language used in this example to emulate in your own resume
  8. Top tips to write a killer consulting resume Another one from Consulting Junkie. Great tips to live by and how we scan resumes in our respective firms

    interviewInterview Prep

  9. BCG Interview Process Overview and Tips Boston Consulting Group, one of the top consulting firms giving advice on how the interview process works and tips to be successful
  10. Deloitte Consulting Case Prep Tool Deloitte has a very nice interactive tool for doing practice cases for their different practice areas
  11. McKinsey Official Interview Prep Website There are many ex-McKinsey consultants trying to sell you products that will help you get in. Here is the official McKinsey site with tips and practice cases that you can use for free
  12. McKinsey Problem Solving Practice Test Iphone App Another great free tool from McKinsey, an iphone app that lets you take their problem solving test and time yourself. Great tool to practice
  13. Bain interview prep site You can read the case interview tips and do two great interactive cases in this interview prep site from Bain and Company
  14. Case interview advice from Bain consultant A Bain consultant that has recently joined the firm talks about the process and tips to ace the case interviews

    forumsManagement Consulting Forums

  15. Wall St. Oasis Consulting Cabaret Forum Wall St Oasis is primarily focused on Wall St jobs like investment banking, private equity and hedge funds. But there are quite a few consultants on the site and this is a fairly active forum to read up on many topics
  16. Top Consultant Forum Top consultant forum is also fairly active and the audience is international with some focus on the UK
  17. Linkedin Group: Worldwide Management Consultants If you have a Linkedin account, Worldwide Management Consultants is a good group to follow discussions on. It has more than 70,000 members and many tips on the profession come up in the conversations

    onthejobSurvival Skills on the Job

  18. Pyramid Principle This is the way most top consulting firms structure their written and verbal communications. Start with the answer and build a “pyramid” of supporting points and sub points. Once you get used to it, it becomes second nature and you start thinking this way
  19. excel (plug ins, e.g. think-cell, books)
  20. Consulting Magazine Consulting magazine is great resource on industry news, firm rankings, rising consultants. You can read it online or download an app to read it on your mobile device
  21. Harvard Business Review HBR is the gold standard for business thinking in particular on matters of strategy, organizations and management
  22. The Economist Great international coverage of politics, economics and business topics, this will help you make conversation about current affairs

We hope you enjoy these great free resources on strategy and management consulting jobs. Please let us know what you think in the comments section. Also, send us a note if you find other great free resources and we would be happy to add them to the list. Enjoy!