How To Become An Environmental Consultant

source If you want to make a difference to the world’s eco problems, then why not consider a career in environmental consultancy? You could help businesses reach their green targets, test air, and soil quality. You might even end up writing policy guidelines for the government. It’s a mixed career with plenty of challenges, and … Read more

How To Impress Your Clients With A Winning Office

Source:   The world of consultancy relies heavily on first impressions. Setting positive tones from the outset is fundamental to sealing deals with your clients. There’s no better way to do it than impressing them with a winning work environment. Meeting a client at the local Starbucks might work on occasion, but having your own … Read more

Newly Trained Accountant But Can’t Find Work? Read This

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So You Want To Be A Consultant? Here Are Some Ideas To Get You Started

Many people are fed up working for their boss. The corporate life just doesn’t suit everybody. Poor managers and greedy fat cat board members can make life a living hell for the ordinary worker. No wonder so many people want to try to earn a living on a self-employed basis. You may have years of … Read more

New Consultants, Here’s How You Land That Crucial First Client

Going solo and embracing the consulting lifestyle is a lucrative career move. Most freelancers and consultants have the opportunity to make a lot more money than they would in a salaried role. Of course, that freedom and potential comes at a price. That’s the risk of business disappearing! You must also consider the major task … Read more