Interview process and questions at Bain and Company by Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney gives a good overview of interview process and questions at Bain and Company. Great tips here to excel in your upcoming management and strategy consulting interviews! He had a great career and was a successful consultant at Bain and Company and subsequently at Bain Capital, so lots to learn from him. Let us … Read more

The Consulting Performance Management Process Survival Guide

Consulting firms are among the most companies with the most rigorous performance management process. Their evaluations have many features that make them distinct among the other industries. The top consulting firms are renowned for talent development as well as a fair and also highly competitive work environment. There are project vs. annual reviews and many other … Read more

Ultimate guide to Top Consulting Firms

When you start your journey to get into the consulting profession, it helps to learn about different top consulting firms and how they are percieved from a reputation, competency and culture perspective. There are several sources that rank consulting firms based on different criteria. Below are the most popular of these rankings. Photo credit Vault … Read more

Is The Cloud The Best Place For Your Accounts?

Accurate accounting isn’t just a legal requirement, it is essential for the successful management of your businesses finances. That being said, traditional accounting can be a huge drain on your time and energy – especially if you operate a small business. This kind of thing does nothing to add value to your business, but it … Read more

How to Market Yourself as the Best Consultant in the Business

One of the most difficult parts of setting up your own consulting business is getting your name out there. However, it is the key to being successful. Without marketing yourself, you’re unlikely to get any business. Without any business, you’re unlikely to become successful. So, how does one go about marketing themselves as a consultant? … Read more

How To Market Your Consultancy Like A Pro So, you have all the skills in place that you think you need to make it as a consultant. But what do you do now? In an ideal world, you will have a flood of customers clamouring for your business. But, of course, in real life this is unlikely, to say the least. When … Read more

HBR and Drucker Wisdom on Managing Oneself

    Management consultants provide wisdom on how to manage companies, here is a great infographic on managing oneself by Peter Drucker, the most influential management guru of our time. Great tips for new consultants to improve their management skills and be a better consultant. Enjoy!

When Your Business Might Need A Consultant

If your business is doing well, then that is fantastic. But, it can always be doing better, right? There may be room for improvement and, if you are not sure how to get the extra mileage you may be thinking about hiring a consultant. How could a consultant help you? First of all a consultant … Read more

A Quick Guide To Getting Ahead In The World Of Consultancy

If you have knowledge that’s worth sharing, you might just make it in the big, bad world of consultancy. Many people are opting to go it alone these days and scope a career for themselves. If you have industry experience, you could share helpful advice with people who need it. Of course, you will not … Read more

Is A Microsite Your Best SEO Weapon?

Is the microsite the biggest SEO strategy that you are ignoring? Building a web presence is one of the biggest challenges that a business today can face. But once you have an understanding of who your target audience is you can start building your strategy. If you have a company that has more than one … Read more