How much do management consulting firms charge clients?

Management consulting firms have a wide range of billing rates depending on the level of staff, e.g. consultant vs. manager vs. partner. They charge an hourly rate and number of hours can be anywhere between 8 to 40 hours per week. The expenses are usually separate and can be as high as 20% of professional … Read more

Your Pathway To Digital Consultancy Starts Here

A digital consultant can make a healthy living by offering their advice to companies. They are ahead of the game and know the digital space like the back of their own hands. And that knowledge is lusted after by many different businesses who are willing to pay superb money for it. Jens Issel But how … Read more

I am doing PMO for a big consulting firm and I am very frustrated with the role. I basically hate it. How can I manage it?

PMO roles can be frustrating, because it is highly administrative in nature and feels like herding cats. It does not have the glamour of doing a market entry, M&A or product strategy project, which is what a lot of consulting firms promise to their new hires. But there are some benefits to building and running … Read more

Four essential skills to be a Top Management Consultant

It’s not hard to see why so many people see a career in management consultancy as the one for them. But what exactly does it take to become a top consultant today? Being Able to Research and Analyse Data A lot of what you’ll being doing on a day to day basis as a management … Read more

How to get a job at McKinsey

Great article find from the Consulting Edge Blog and a good book recommendation: The Economist has a depressing article on how to join the 1%. Short answer: Attend the right (elite) college. The long version can be found in a book – Pedigree – (which apparently is now the #1 best seller in its category and … Read more

Your first year as a consultant – How to succeed in management consulting?

Management consulting is a high-pace and dynamic profession. Your first year in the firm is critical to acquire the core consulting skills, establish yourself as a high-performing consultant, build your reputation and network. Don’t worry though, the people in the firm will help you along the way and with these tips below, you should be … Read more

Top 6 free tips for negotiating consulting job offers

You have been through the interview process and have gotten multiple offers from management consulting firms. Congratulations! This is a great place to be and you can use this situation to your advantage to negotiate and make an informed decision about where you want to  start your management consulting career. If you are still in … Read more

7 best free resources for writing consulting cover letters

A cover letter is an important marketing document in your application to management consulting firms. We find that telling your story, why you would like to be a consultant, why you would like to join the particular firm you are applying for are all good points to highlight in a consulting cover letter. The cover … Read more